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We Invite You and Your Children to Join Others Around the World in an Appeal for the Rights of Children and Families!

We urge you and/or your children to sign the “Declaration on the Rights of Children and Their Families: A Call from the Children of the World” (attached below).  This Declaration will be presented by a delegation of children to world leaders at a UN meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, September 12th and then later this year in New York. 

Also attached below is a letter from several of the children in this delegation addressed to you and your children asking you to join in this effort.

We have found that most world leaders are genuinely concerned about children and are increasingly asking to hear their views on policy matters that affect them.  Since this Declaration is coming from children around the world, they will pay special attention to it, and, of course, the more people (especially children) who sign it, the more impact it will have on these leaders.

We are asking that you do one or more of the following things:

  1. Sign the Declaration yourself (below).  (Note that all adults in your household can sign as individuals.)
  2. Discuss this Declaration with your children (if applicable) who are old enough to understand its basic principles.  This can be an opportunity to teach them about the importance of defending marriage and the rights of children and their families.
  3. If a child is old enough to understand it, and wants to sign the Declaration themselves, they may sign it below, only with a parent or guardian’s permission.
  4. Send this link on to others whom you think might also be interested in signing the Declaration or who might encourage their children to also sign.  The more people and countries represented, the more impact it will have.

Note:  We need your name, country, postal code and email even if you personally do not want to sign the Declaration.  We are requesting this information to verify that all children signing are doing so with their parent’s or legal guardian’s permission.  Check the box below if you wish to also add your name.  To protect privacy, no email addresses will never be made public and only your child’s first name, country and age will be distributed with any statements in support of the Declaration.  Entering their last names is optional.

This is an important opportunity to focus the attention of world leaders on the rights and needs of children and their families.

We hope as many people in your household as possible will support this Declaration!

Simply follow the official link of TFWI and check the appropriate boxes