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Dear If you are involved with Pathology then you are standing at the frontier of fundamental change in technology that will have a huge impact on health care strategies, health care delivery and work patterns. Understanding how is essential.

"Once data is available digitally, it opens up huge opportunities to redesign process-driven services to create patient-centric care systems. Digitally enabled laboratory medicine services have the potential to bring pathologists closer to patients and so to speed up and improve the patient experience."

Pathology Programme NHS

To secure these benefits, investment into Digital Pathology by health service providers is growing world-wide.

By coming to this outstanding meeting you will discover how Digital Pathology is already reducing lab costs, increasing workflow efficiency, creating greater inter-connectivity and delivering more effective training! Additionally, you will learn how digital pathology can improve decision making to enable
enhanced and personalised patient care.

The Digital Pathology Congress has been designed to target the following strategic and scientific key areas:

  • Digital Pathology - Strategy and Technology
  • Pathology Informatics
  • Telepathology
  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Digital Pathology
  • Application and Research Case Studies

  • Confirmed Speakers include:


    JoMartin, National Clinical Director of Pathology NHS England, Professor of Pathology, Queen Mary University of London, Director of Academic Health Sciences, Barts Health NHS Trust

    Liron Pantanowitz, Associate Professor of Pathology & Biomedical Informatics, Director of the Pathology Informatics Fellowship Program and Associate Director of the Pathology Informatics Division at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA

    Marcial Garcia Rojo, Head of Pathology Department. Hospital de Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain
    Also speaking:

    Klaus Kayser, Professor, Institute of Pathology, Humboldt University, Germany
    Paul van Diest, Department of Pathology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands
    Yukako Yagi, Director of Pathology Imaging and Communication Technology Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA
    Toby Cornish, Assistant Professor of Pathology, Division of Gastrointestinal
    and Liver Pathology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA
    Mogens Vyberg, Professor of Clinical Pathology, University of Aalborg, Denmark
    Jeroen van der Laak, Assistant Professor Pathology, Radboud University, The
    Tania Roskams, The Translational Cell and Tissue Research Group, KU Leuven, Belgium
    Sebastian Brandner, Professor and Chair of Neuropathology, Division of Neuropathology, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Dept. of
    Neurodegenerative Disease, UCL Institute of Neurology, UK
    Daniel Racoceanu, Professor, Sorbonne Universités, Université Pierre et Marie
    Curie (UPMC) & Adjunct Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS)
    Johan Lundin, Research Director and Professor of Medical Technology, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), Helsinki, Finland and Karolinska
    Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
    Arvydas Laurinavičius, National Pathology Center, Vilnius University Hospital
    Santariskes Clinics, Lithuania
    Will Howat, Head of Histopathology/ISH, Cancer Research UK
    Marielle Odin, Director of Pathology, Roche, Germany
    David Snead, Consultant Histopathologist and Clinical Service Lead, Coventry and Warwickshire Pathology Services, UK
    Gloria Bueno, Lecturer and Principal Research at School of Engineering,
    Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
    Niels Grabe, Head, Hamamatsu Tissue Imaging and Analysis Center, Heidelberg University, Germany
    Frederick Klauschen, Head, Systems Pathology Group, Einstein Junior Fellow, Institute of Pathology, Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany
    Friedrich Feuerhake, Neuropathologist, Institute of Pathology, Hannover Medical School, Germany
    Jorma Isola, Professor of Cancer Biology, University of Tampere, BioMediTech,
    Michael den Bakker, Consultant Histopathologist Department of Pathology, Maasstad Hospital, The Netherlands
    Sanja Stifter, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Faculty of
    Medicine, University of Rijeka, Croatia
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