The perfect place for your pathology photography! Pathobin is an image hosting service and more. It is designed for pathologists, scientists, surgeons and students. Unlimited uploads of unlimited size. Pathology photography images are of educational and research value. Take photos with your phone, your microscope camera or even a flatbed scanner and upload full size images for free!. A case logbook: Maintain a visual record of all your cases, neatly categorized, stored safely and accessible from anywhere in the cloud. You can even export your log to common formats (such as .csv or excel). Perfect for registrars to track, store and share.

Pathobin is an image hosting website designed from the ground up for pathologists and pathologists in training. It’s the first and last place you will need to upload your pathology images. Made by a pathologist for the pathology, medical and scientific community.

Thanks to The Pathobin team: Indra, Raven, Gita, Felix and Jason. A concept by: Dr Shane Battye MBBS BMedSc FRCPA, Pathologist


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